The policy of Transmare srl refers to the generai safety criteria expressed in the legislative decree 81 of 9 Aprii 2008 and in the legislative decree 271 of 27 July 1999 in arder to carry out the work relateci to its service while protecting the safety of its employees to the maximum and of ali the people involved in different ways in company activities (customers, passengers, partners, etc.).

The commitment of Transmare srl is therefore to identify ali situations of possible risk in the activities carried out in arder to prevent possible accidents or injuries, according to the toliowing guidelines:

  • Periodicaliy assess (on one’s own or in coliaboration with experts from the prevention and protection service) the risks to the safety and health of workers.
  • Adopt preventive and operational measures tor risk situations.
  • Constantly update the prevention and protection measures in relation to the changes that have occurred or technical evolution.
  • Take care of intormation and specific training of workers.
  • When entrusting workers with tasks, take into account individuai skilis and conditions in relation to health and safety.
  • Provide workers with suitable persona! protective equipment, training them tor use.
  • Require workers to comply with the rules.
  • To intervene quickly in dangerous and emergency situations, collaborating with the other structures and organizations present.
  • Avoid that the technical measures adopted create risks tor the population or deterioration of the external environment.
  • Comply with all safety laws and regulations.
  • To sensitize the employees of the company and any external collaborators or sub-contractors to a conscious and responsible attitude regarding safety.
  • Carry out periodic reviews to assess compliance with and correct application of this policy and quantify its progress.

Vado Ligure, 13/02/2018


Transmare srl is constantly committed to creating and maintaining a working environment as well as productive, healthy and safe for its employees and forali those who interact in this environment, both as users of the service and with other forms. The abuse or moderate use of alcohol and drugs, as well as negatively affecting work activities in terms of efficiency and performance, can have extremely damaging consequences on the safety of employees (including those who do not use these substances ) and of ali persons interested in the service provided by Transmare srl. For these reasons, the use, possession, distribution or sale of alcohol and illicit drugs, or those subject to contrai and not prescribed by the doctor, on the premises and on the company’s means, is strictly prohibited, and constitutes a reason for any adequate disciplinary actions, up to dismissal. Those who believe they are addicted to the aforementioned substances are invited to seek medicai advice and to follow appropriate treatment without delay and before their state can adversely affect the ability to work and result in danger to their own safety, work colleagues or of third parties, as well as the safety of vehicles and equipment. Transmare srl recognizes alcohol and drug addiction as a treatable condition, therefore the GM is available to interested parties who, on an exclusively voluntary and strictly confidential basis, decide to consult it for any possible form of collaboration for the purpose of a more effective recovery, without prejudice to it being understood that those who decide to do so will be assisted by ali the guarantees provided for by current legislation, legai and contractual, and in the most absolute respect for the dignity of the person. Except as provided in the following point, if the state of dependence on alcohol or drugs is such that, even if it does not involve an inability to work, it nevertheless constitutes a danger, in the performance of particular tasks, for one’s own safety, and that of work colleagues or third parties orto the safety of vehicles or equipment, the company, also in the exercise of the legai obligation to provide for safety in the workplace, reserves the right to change these tasks within the limits established by law. The unsuitability of the employee for the work actually performed, ascertained in the forms of law and descending from the state of addiction to alcoholic or narcotic beverages, even if subsequent to medicai treatment, may give rise to the termination of the employment relationship fora justified reason. During work, the intake of alcoholic beverages, drugs or substances with narcotic effects is prohibited. lt is also recommended that, consistently, employees avoid hiring them even outside the working period, if the consequent effects may persist during the subsequent work performance. Transmare srl reserves the right to carry out, without notice, checks on the existence, in its premises and on board the vehicles, of drugs and alcohol and to request, from their respective employers or competent authorities, the removal from their premises and by means of third party personnel who find themselves in situations such as to constitute a risk as highlighted above. For the same reason, the boatmen and the captains of the vehicles must not take on board people in a state of alcoholic intoxication, or with evident confusion or excitement due to recent drug use.

Transmare srl requires its sub-contractors of works and services to adopt a similar policy.

Vado Ligure, 13/02/2018


The activity of Transmare s.r.l. is inspired by the principles of environmental protection and work safety.

Ali the activities carried out are carried out with the utmost respect far the principles indicated above with the aim of achieving the minimum technicaliy possible and economicaliy sustainable environmental impact.

Transmare s.r.l. undertakes, in ali its activities, to make continuous efforts to improve its results in the field of environmental protection, poliution prevention, sustainable use of resources, safeguarding ecosystems.

Furthermore, it is the Company’s policy:

  • comply with ali applicable laws and regulations and, in their absence, comply with a standard identified with a sense of responsibility;
  • encourage attention to and respect far the environment, making ali employees responsible far environmental results, and ensuring that suitable operating practices and personnel training programs are implemented;
  • collaborate with organizations and industry to favor the efficient elaboration of effective environmental laws and regulations, benefits for procurement based on scientific principles and risk assessment, cast analysis and energy effects produced;
  • manage its activities with the aim of preventing accidents and checking that emissions and waste are below harmful levels, directing a story to design, conduct maintenance and maintenance of its plants;
  • deal quickly and effectively with accidents that may occur during its operations, collaborating with industrialists and with the competent government bodies;
  • to promote and support research to deepen the understanding of the effects of its operations on the environment, to improve its protection techniques and to increase one’s ability to make one’s own and products compatible with the environment;
  • communicate with the outside world on environmental issues and share their experiences with others in arder to help improve the environmental performance of the sector;
  • carry out appropriate reviews and evaluation of its operations to quantify progress and ensure compliance with this policy.

Vado Ligure, 13/02/2018


The policy of Transmare srl refers to the generai safety criteria expressed in the legislative decree 81 of 9 Aprii 2008 and in the legislative decree 271 of 27 July 1999 in arder to carry out the work relateci to its service while protecting the safety of its employees to the maximum and of all the people involved in different ways in company activities (customers, passengers, partners, etc.).

Transmare in health matters identifies the following main objectives:

  1. Verification of the physical state of the employee at the time of hiring, and assessment of the compatibility with the performance of the duties to which he will be assigned and of the environment in which he will have to operate.
  2. Review of the above conditions at predetermined intervals.
  3. Make first aid health services available in the event of accidents or health emergencies.
  4. Verify, through periodic monitoring and all the necessary statistica! tools, the possible occurrence of occupational diseases, for immediate and decisive interventions.
  5. ldentification and immediate assessment of any health risks for employees and sub-contractors in the activities carried out.
  6. lmplementation of programs and adequate preventive and protective measures, and surveillance of employees potentially exposed to any foreseen risks.
  7. lmplementation of reviews aimed at assessing compliance with this policy, as well as the effectiveness and progress of any actions undertaken in this regard.
  8. AII “sensitive” and persona! data collected by the Company and concerning employees will be treated with the utmost confidentiality in compliance with the provisions in farce on privacy, and not disclosed without the prior consent of the worker.

Vado Ligure, 13/02/2018


Transmare srl considers the quality of the service provided a fundamental element far the company strategy; its policy has therefore always been to offer customers fast and efficient services, fully satisfying their expectations.

Therefore the entire company organization is deeply committed and involved in monitoring and measuring the service, in arder to prevent and resolve any non-compliance, in an attempt to implement a continuous improvement of the processes of the service rendered and in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Transmare srl has set as a priority objective the constant improvement of the service achievable through:

  • the utmost attention to the present and future needs of customers, aiming to exceed their own expectations
  • the continuous and measurable improvement of company processes
  • The involvement, motivation and professional growth of human resources at ali levels;
  • The maintenance of the accredited third party certification of the SGI

Ali the members of the Transmare srl organization must therefore ensure a constant commitment to take care of the following main guidelines:

  • constant and continuous verification of the requisites characterizing the quality of the service rendered
  • prevention of errors and inefficiencies in the service, through the most appropriate use of the means available, in compliance with the regulations and with the correct application of the procedures established
  • effective and fruitful collaboration with customer interfaces
  • constant increase in the level of service quality, not only in terms of efficiency, but also through continuous attention to customer needs and their correct interpretation, far relateci suggestions

Vado Ligure, 13/02/2018


DG has decided to choose, as the primary objective of its policy, “customer satisfaction, to be obtained with the quality of the work performed to previde the product, the promptness of the response and the competitiveness of costs while respecting and protecting the environment, protecting ali the people who work on behalf of the organization “.

This goal is considered an essential factor in the development of the organization in the presence of a highly competitive market.

The general management therefore decided:

  • to operate according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018 standards, satisfying the generai requirements indicateci by the certification body in arder to previde the organization with an integrateci management system in in line with European parameters, so as to guarantee customers the required quality by operating in respect of the environment and the health of workers
  • to equip the organization with adequate equipment in terms of quantity, quality, environmental sustainability and safety
  • to invest in human resources. The staff must be adequate in number and professionalism through careful selection, integration programs, coaching periods, training and information interventions.
  • to maintain a program of continuous training and constant updating, with periodic evaluation of the results achieved and to carry out awareness raising and awareness activities towards the people who work on its behalf, including any contractors operating in the structure regarding environmental issues and those relating to safety
  • to sensitize all staff on the importance of meeting customer requirements, as well as mandatory requirements and quality, environmental, prevention and safety regulations.

DG, in the relationship with the customer, undertakes to offer processes suited to its particular implicit and explicit needs and to verify during the work the achievement of the objectives agreed in the contractual phase, providing it with global assistance.

Responsibility towards the environment and the safety and health of workers must be considered on a par with the other management aspects of the organization and the needs of customers.

The Organization undertakes, operating in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018 standards, to pursue and achieve the objectives set by developing the following macro themes: integrateci management system, evaluation and measurement, customer, communication, human resources, movable and immovable property, regulations, innovation and efficiency, suppliers.

  • Integrated Management System

Maintenance and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the SGI through the implementation of the company policy, the definition of objectives and programs for the integration of the principles in the processes and in the company routine. DG works to identify and pian the resources necessary to achieve the objectives defined by identifying responsibilities, skills, investments and infrastructures.

  • Evaluation and Measurement

Application of the indispensable tools for the constant evaluation of the SGI in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (results of the Audits, data analysis, management of non-conformities and relateci corrective and preventive actions, management review including recommendations for improvement).

  • Customer

Continuous improvement of the quality of the service offered, awareness and information of customers, public authorities and locai communities on the PAI for greater awareness.

  • Communication and awareness

Posting on the premises, dissemination within the organization of the integrateci company policy and awareness raising with the assumption of responsibility and awareness of all staff for the correct application of the procedures

  • Human Resources

Collaborative provision of information, training and education in order to spread the culture of safety, increase the leve! of knowledge, awareness and awareness of the SGI. Continuous increase and specificity of personnel skills to operate in compliance with procedures, also involving operators outside the organization.

  • Movable and immovable assets

Constant updating of vessels, infrastructures, equipment and on-board instrumentation, always preferring the best available and economically feasible technologies, to ensure compliance with the established quality, environmental and safety principles.

  • Regulations

Compliance with current legislation, applicable legai requirements (international, national, regional, provincia!, locai, etc.), technical and technological standards of processes, policies and objectives and company procedures.

  • lnnovation and Efficiency

Optimization of processes and evaluation of any modification or innovation in the activities in order to obtain the improvement of the performance of quality, safety, health, ergonomics, psychophysical well-being of the workers, the environment, including conservation and protection of natural resources, waste minimization, emission controls and continuous improvement. Careful analysis of the customer’s indications, observations, suggestions in order to identify and dispose of elements that indicate the problems in the services provided.

  • Suppliers

Preference for those who adopt efficient technologies and operate according to SGI.

The overall assessment of the achievement of the aforementioned objectives and therefore of the validity of the company policy is carried out every six months by DG through the execution of the management review with the drafting of the relevant document.

The Organization undertakes to allocate adequate human and financial resources to the full disclosure of this policy as well as to the achievement of the objectives, goals and program necessary to apply it.

Vado Ligure, 25/03/2019